Hi! My name is Lindsay and I am the owner of and maker at Monarch Body Co. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Artisan soaps have been an immense interest of mine since I can remember. Craft shows, farmers markets, and even the antique shop we used to frequent had an abundance of beautiful handmade soaps and I could not resist! There is something so charming about a unique bar of soap that someone put their heart and soul into.

In my teens, I debated heavily where I wanted to go in life. I was a makeup and beauty junky and spent most of my free time researching products and their benefits. I loved learning why certain products did certain things for different people. For a while, I thought I would go to cosmetology school or become an aesthetician. That, however, did not work out. I decided to go to college for a business degree specializing in marketing. All the while, I had been working as an assistant manager at a local health and beauty store. This fed my desire of learning about products and helping people understand what can work for them. It brings me joy and happiness knowing the knowledge I have about health and beauty could help someone who does not. When customers would return after my product suggestions thanking me for my help, I felt so fulfilled.

My time at that store ended after almost 5 years once I graduated college. I moved on to the world of marketing and procurement. I love what I do but it is very different than the ambitions I had when I was younger. Then one day, I thought to myself, "Hey, I can make soap". This thought had never occurred to me! My friends and family helped me dabble in the basics of soap making with glycerin bases and I was hooked. In no time, I was perfecting my methods and setting my standards higher and higher.

I now specialize in both glycerin soaps crafted from the highest quality and SLS dree pre existing bases and cold processed soaps (created entirely from scratch). I don't just want a good looking bar of soap, I want a "good for you" bar of soap. I have spent countless hours perfecting my craft to create beautiful products for your beautiful skin.

All of the soaps (and now body care!) I create are crafted with skin care goals in mind. My extensive knowledge of ingredients, skin types, and my own personal product testing* allows for a large creative freedom while still fulfilling my ambition of wanting to help others. All products are crafted in small batches for the highest quality and care.

I thank you for your support and business during this exciting journey I have begun. I cannot wait to see where this takes me and to see the Monarch Body Co. family grow.

*Soap descriptions are not medical claims, per FDA regulations. Potential skin "benefits" are provided based on common ingredient knowledge and not on the basis of medicine. The soap's intention is to cleanse. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.